Other Projects

Dexter Miranda is a designer and graduate candidate, studying computational media, and embedded computing. His work has been featured at Pop Montréal, Beta Spaces, and a Webby Award. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. hello@dxtr.com

About The Figure and Other Drawings

The Figure and Other Drawings is a five year, long durational drawing project. As part of this project, I started an open life drawing group in Gowanus, Brooklyn that currently meets three times a week. The format is designed to form a small community and welcome anyone interested in drawing.


About The Face We Make

The Face We Make is a five year, long durational portrait mapping project. The portraits are one shot, meaning there are no retakes and is unrehearsed. Most of the subjects in the project are strangers and was instructed only at the moment of the portrait session. The goal is to capture a sincere interpretation of the emoticon.


About The Weekend Edition

The Weekend Edition, is my personal photography blog, and an ongoing website project. Where I get the chance to experiment on new web design and development process using my own photography as content. This is a constantly evolving website.


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